My Grandma has always been, and will always continue to be, the most INCREDIBLE, BEAUTIFUL and CARING soul. Recently, dementia has devastatingly formed a tight grasp on my Granny, but her gorgeous soul continues to shine through and beat this ugly, cruel disease 🥺 She truly is an absolutely stunning woman with a heart of pure gold ⭐️

THE TEXT IN THE VIDEO READS: My granny suffers from dementia and had to go into a care home. She has always had a dog, and when she went into care, my mum took my granny's dog under her wing. Last summer, granny's dog had 4 little pups 🥺 So we took Mamma and her puppies to see my granny. It is safe to say that she certainly remembered her adoration for dogs and animals 🤍✨

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Until next time petals 🌼

**NOTE: The puppy's mother was present at this viewing between my granny and the puppy. My granny was also not being given this puppy to keep, we were merely reuniting her with her Norfolk Terrier and her puppies so we could keep my animal loving Grandma's spirit shining ✨ **


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