9 PUPPY SURPRiSE for Adley & Niko!! Hiding pet puppies inside our house! Spacestation Arcade Party!

9 PUPPY SURPRiSE for Adley & Niko!! Hiding pet puppies inside our house! Spacestation Arcade Party!

Thankful for my Family, the Spacestation Crew, and ALL OF YOU ❤️🦃


Best Puppy Day Ever 1234

Guys, today is we have the best surprise for Adley and Niko. One of our neighbors just 9 puppies and we are borrowing them for an hour. So we sent Adley and Niko Bear to the gas station to get some treats while we set up the surprise. They have no idea that we are doing this. I call them to make sure they are heading back cause we cannot wait to see the kids play with all the new dogs!

As soon as the kids walk in the door they are super excited. Adley instantly starts loving and petting them. Niko Bear makes a new game where he runs and plays keep away from the dogs. Navey is crawling around and basically pretend playing to be a dog. These guys are sooo cute!! if we could keep an eye on all of them, we would go in the backyard, but a smaller room is way easier. Except when Adley opens the gate and all the dogs escape!!

Our hour is almost up and the puppies are tired. They are crawling under a table like they are playing hide n seek, except they won't wake up hahah. It was so much fun. After we say goodbye, Adley shows me here turkey arts and crafts she's been doing with mom and Niko Bear to celebrate thanksgiving. Which reminds me that we have another surprise tonight. We are all getting together for a Spacestation Thanksgiving party at an arcade tonight!

I head to the spacestation because Holladay and I came up with a plan to help show how grateful we are and we need to get it going. Oh, and while I'm at the spacestation, i find the master chief from Halo playing a violin. Just a normal day at the office lol

We get to the party and it is a blast to hang out with everyone who is at the spacestation and their families! Super greatful that we are all friends and are working together to create so many cool projects! And this place is so much fun. They have arcade video games, bowling, pizza, rock walls, foam pits (kinda like the ball pits niko gets trapped in), drift carts. Adley really wants to learn to roller skate, so we get some on her feet and go out riding. The night was so much fun and is almost over, when we find an impossible video game and everyone is trying to beat it. I don't know if it can be done!

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